Thursday, April 24, 2008

4Mile Recovery Run...Too Muddy To Get To Track

Yesterday was just one of those days…I don’t mean in a bad way…I mean it in a “ God says, ‘ OK boog I’m gonna go ahead scrap everything you had planned today and replace it with my plan, and quit whining b/c it’s gonna work…b/c I’m God, that’s why” kinda way. The Lord is truly Mighty to Save and Deliver…my Hero & Captain.

Even though I don’t deserve this at all, being me and all, God has called and chosen me and given me a relationship better than a son or daughter, and it just shows His mercy and grace and it should derive something from me…namely, Love for His Name, Service, Holiness, and a Tenacious Grip on His Covenant & Life. I don’t know what you think of when you see those things, but for me, I feel like I should Love His Name more than mine, His reputation and glory, more than mine, Him more than Me. I should lay my life down for others to serve man and so praise Him. I should not muddy up His Day, His Worship, His Word, His Life with sin, or selfishness and I should have a death-grip on every righteous day and way, because remember, I don’t deserve it, but I have it…so what will I do with it?

Check out the scripture that caused all this ponderous thought: - Passage Lookup: Isaiah 56

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