Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fair-Weather Blogger Am I...

I guess I am what I am: Mr. Only Blog When I Have Ample Free Time (Which is Never) Guy. Sorry. Lately its been crazy, but now the dust has cleared and I'm gonna share what I can.

Running & Running Reports were briefly interrupted when I had the honor of hosting Phil Robertson, AKA "The Duck Commander" at our church recently for an event. Planning and pulling that one off was a doozy, but still managed to steal a quick pic, see God move in awesome ways, hang with the Fam and run a little.

Running May 13 - 19: 2.5 Miles on Road (20min)...yep thats it.

May 19 - 25 Summary:

  • Mon. 4Miles - AHS, w/ 2mi buildup
  • Tue. AM - 2.5Miles on Road, Strength Training (ST) @ Cain Center PM - 8Miles, Tyler State Park (BCD)
  • Wed. - 0
  • Thur. - 0
  • Fri. - 2Miles with Boo (Running Puppy in Training)
  • Sat. - 10 Miles Tyler State Park Loops w/ Daymon & Jason
  • Sun. - 2.5 Miles with Boo
  • Total For Week: 29 Miles

Also, after running Tyler Saturday, I realized that I needed to publish "Boog's Short List of Good Aggieland Eats" so here it is:

  • Dixie Chicken: Go during the day (not GameDay) and get the best burger in the world with "tijuana fries" which are french fries with a couple of cheeses melted over them served with ranch.
  • Free Birds: Monster Burrito...nuf said
  • Cafe Excel: The Go-To Date Place
  • Juneks BBQ (Wellborn, Tx): Grab your pork bbq sandwich to go and grab some chips and a drink at the gas station, then go to the community center about a block back that consists of a tin roof over a slab with picnic tables sitting next to a small cemetary...picturesquely texan.
  • Mi Cocina (original on Hwy 21 close to Producers COOP in Bryan): if you really unlucky you'll have to sit under my big picture on the wall next to my favorite table. order the Beef Fajita Enchiladas...muy bueno.
  • Los Nortenos: Especially if you go by Mi Cocina and they're siesta-ing. Nortenos is different and is on Main St. in Bryan...different but big portions and very good - old school.
  • Laynes Chicken...awesome sauce with a bite and "tub o' butter texas toast" - Simple and Good.
  • Wings & More: Lots and Lots of Great Fried and BBQ'd food. (try mixing your honey mustard and gravey together for your strips...yummy)

Let me know how it goes if you go...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cain Center & Back

Ran to CC & made up my strength training I missed this morning by staying out too late last night, then ran back (2miles)...I also remembered why I don't workout after 6am in the morning...

It never fails if I go to workout during "prime time" that I run into somebody that knows me from the "outside world" and then we visit..which is usually very nice and its usually someone I haven't visited with in a while so I really should talk...the only problem is I'm not there to talk...Yes, I'm that guy: iPod on unnecessarily loud, phones tight, hat low, eyes diverted, no smirk, but no smile neither unless I get some seldom glimpse of what it must have felt like to be me like 15 years ago when i bend over to grab a weight and my back doesn't creak...yes I'm Him. Now these outside folks don't know this Boog, they usually know the Boog that would talk the bark off a redwood, I mean, If anybody would want to visit its Boog right? Not Workout Boog, thats the wrong guy and my 5am crowd knows this and there in lies the problem...I'm spoiled. I'm spoiled to the crowd of people that only know Workout Boog and really just don't expect a whole lot else out of me...that is me (at 5am at least) and thats ok, because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnit, my Manic Drive is crankin just loud enough where I don't really care if people like me...Only at 5am though, cuz Outside World Boog loves the love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Can't Sleep, Might as well...

3.75mi-AHS-2mi tempo (6'23'')

Sometimes, very seldomly, I just can't sleep. Usually this only happens when my girls are gone and I'm home alone...i'm not great at the home alone thing...random mountain with average deepest snow in N.America alone, fine...but not so hot at home alone. Anyway, tonight wasn't one of those, tonight everyone is resting peacefully in their little beds. I'm just restless, and since "restless" means I probably will not be waking up early enough to get my run on, might as well nip that in the bud right now, or I guess about 30 min. ago. Now i feel pretty ready to check my eyelids for pinholes as my dad has said...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

BC Loops at Tyler SP w/ Daymon, Ryan, Ethan & Devin - Good Run

Today's been a good day...celebrated Mother's Day with all our clan out at my folks place, which always seems like a mini-vacation. Ran alot, ate alot, played alot, washed alot of subarus, jumped alot, laughed alot, hugged alot...started it all at 5am with Philippians 2 & honey bunches of oats...

Also found out that a recovery "menu" i read about in an article works pretty good.

Body Wt. in lbs x carb grams (185lbs = 185g of carbs)
25% of that in protein.
All w/in first 2 hours after run (half of it in first 30 min) add in a good hot shower, ton's of water and gatorade and a good stretchin session...I was recovered enough to play "put-out" with the soccer-ball with my nephew Tate like I was a fifth grader again...I'd say it worked pretty good.

Friday, May 9, 2008

4.5Mi w/3Mi Tempo (6:44 pace)

Hephzibah....I know sounds funny, but in Isaiah 63 it refers to God's elect "bride" Jerusalem/Zion and it means 'My Delight Is In Her'. Well, I don't know if anybody else lives with a bunch of women, but....I can relate to that statement. I got to hang with my munchkin today and we were able to drop off some stuff to her Mom and kind of make her day as well. Grace and I spent the day tending the yard/etc. getting a bur haircut (that was me, not Grace) and jumping on the trampoline and jumping and jumping and jumping.

Hitting Tyler S.P. Tomorrow with a bunch of guys I've been trying to get to go for a long time...I have alot of running to do as I'm setting my sights on the Bandera Trail Run again, only this time I'm aiming for the 50K (31miles).
To prepare for that good-bull ol'army fun, I'm planning on running the Long Beach Intl. City Marathon with my buddy Jared "New Daddy" Ledbetter.
And also going to finish preparing by running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas with my fellow insane in the membrane youth type guy Jason Hoffman.
All prayer is appreciated...this may sound selfish or extreme or something...both of which, I guess it could be...but if you know know I'm me when I'm running...when I run, I study, when I run, I pray, when I run, I get up early and give it all to Him and as a result I think I'm alot easier to be the great theologian Popeye the Sailor once said, "I yam what I yam"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Summary

Tue. 4.5Mi w/ 3-800m intervals
Wed. 3.5Mi - AHS

I've been looking at Romans 6 a lot lately and something struck me. We always talk about accepting Jesus into our hearts...that's just kind of weird to me...It seems more to me like He's accepting us and in fact in Rom.6 it talks less like we're getting Jesus hooked up with our lives and more like "our life" is over and now we're absorbed into His in John 12:25-26 where He says that if we are His we will follow Him...anyway, just some thoughts...too tired to share much else.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just an update of sorts...

Fri: 2.5M EZ/Speed Mix
Sat: ABC Loop @ Tyler S.P. - Great!

Flo & I Have Been Married for 6 Years Now (For really good writing about that, check out her blog at & Grace, our wonderful daughter is now 4...can you believe it, cuz I can't!

Lately I've been thinking about the notion of a "christian life" -vs- a "non-christian life". Isn't that silly...a "non-christian life" We need to start worrying so much about being a so-called 'good christian' and just start living as if there's no other way to truly live than completely and insanely surrendered to a life following Christ! (everything else just leads to death). It's like in the movie "Shawshank Redemption" - 'Get busy living, or get busy dying'

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3M-AHS Track, 20 Min. CoreStrength @ Cain Center

In Joshua 13:14&33, God' divvying the Holy Land up to His children and the author mentions that the Levites (Temple Servants/Priests) would inherit the offerings they present to the Lord and actually trust in the Lord as their inheritance...boy did they get took or what, I mean, God really saw them coming...All these other folks get big fat chunks of land and towns and rivers and farms and all these faithful servants get promised is "The Lord as their Inheritance"...well, I guess it's the thought that counts...

Seriously, why do i feel that i need so much "more" or should i say "in addition to" The Lord and what He gives me to glorify Him with...when I'm "without" everything but Him, even in the deepest darkest valleys, why do i feel like i'm ...settling?

God is Good all the time, and one way I'm really blessed is that I get to eat breakfast (my favorite meal) with my wonderful daughter (my favorite little girl...sorry nieces, but you're all really really close seconds, only to grace of course)'s how we normally go about this (see overkill picture).