Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Running to Walk...

RunLog 6/23-6/29
Mon. 4.5M @ MHS Track & CC Course - Heat, OK run
Tue. Felt not so hot - 0M
Wed. 4Miles into a 9M run I bonked hard. Had chosen a poor route, prepared poorly, slept poorly and should have ran off the soreness Tue...all in all, a good learning experience.
Thur. 9M @ AHS Track w/ 3Miles of 400m Crz. Intervals...good run
Fri. 4.5M @ AHS Track w/ 100m Crz. Intervals. Stiff wind, this was dumb because I didn't ran hard instead of smart and that hurt me Saturday.
Sat. Tyler S.P. - ABCD, BC - Approx. 17.5M with last 6 walking up some steep hills and running really slow on the rest. Legs were smoked from the get go on this one because of Fri's workout.
Sun. Boo & I did an easy 2.5M at AHS Track.
Total: 41 Miles

As a Fam, we're finishing off a super fun-surprising-hectic-busy-blessed June. This month we have had a week long vacation, GA Camp, Youth Camp, VBS, and a great big "I'm Pregnant" announcement! It's been awesome, but we're glad we're in July now. Flo, Grace & I are super excited to be expecting, as we've desired this for quiet a while, and for now we are just savoring some nice quiet evenings complete with swimming at Mimi's, DateNight in Tyler, and just chillin' after a fun trip to Wally World.

The fun I'm having running combined with the Words of God that are really jumping out at me right now, are teaching me alot about walking. I'm purposeful in running because I seek a prize. It stands to reason then that I should be infinitely more motivated and determined and diligent to seek the real prizes in my life such as winning souls to Christ, helping the hurting, and loving my family with reckless abandon. I often struggle with the disconnect my students have between their observable knowledge of and belief in the bible and their actions and attitudes...I should practice what I preach...I've got to get to the place where I'll bust everything to drive an hour, strap on a headlight, and run alone & scared for 2 hours in the dark wilderness to gain a little ground...but not in the running sense, because thats come pretty easy...but in the Man of God sense, in the Husband/Dad/Uncle/Son/Friend sense...you feel me?

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