Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Got Me Slippin....

Well, Its been a little hectic (in a good way) to say the least here lately so I better catch everything up:
6/9-6/15 - Flo was gone most of this week to GA camp so no one to watch Grace sleep while I run and my restless spirit when she's away keeping me up late at night added up to afternoon heat runs that were fun but taxing.
Mon - 4miles with Grace at Cain Park
Tue - 7.5miles with Grace at Cain Park
Wed - 0
Thur - 7.5miles at AHS on grass
Fri - Mowed 3 Yards
Sat - 15 miles 2:00 at TSP
TOTAL - 34 Miles

6/16-6/20 - Another off week as I was taking my students to Trinity, Tx for a week of Collision Camp '08...great camp, but another environment that didn't lend itself to plentiful sleep. It did, however lend itself to plentiful rec that included lots of hills, ropes course, rock wall, toting a pack for a while and some decent running.
Mon - 0
Tue - 2.5miles Trinty Pines
Wed - Ropes Course and Pack Toting
Thur - 7.5miles Trinity Pines Trails
Fri - 0
Sat - Eustace Pioneer Days 5k, Eustace Tx - 1st in 30-39 Division with 19:54(PR)
Sun - 2.5miles barefoot at CRISD Football Field
TOTAL - 15.5 Miles

It's been a great 2 weeks, but a little normalcy wouldn't hurt.

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