Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flo Has Been at GA Camp This Week...

With my Lovely Wife being gone with a bunch of girls to church camp this week Grace & I got to hang out a lot! It was a blast & here are some highlights:
I had the distinct privilege of taking Grace, Sterling (3 year old cousin) & Ella (4 yr niece) to the Zoo with my fantastic sister Molly this week. Although the Alligator viewing was rather anti-climactic, the otters really saved the day (after 2 full hours of "What do you want to see next?...Alligator!!!" There was only one small gator too far away for these guys to notice).
The trip was a blast and we were very fortunate that they let us leave with the 3 monkies that came with us.

Another thing Grace & I did a lot of was playing cowgirl & cowboy. Grace did a great job of "whoo"ing the cows, finding baby calves, waving a stick to keep 'em in line and shaking the gate so they might pass through while sitting on her papa's big 4x4 mule and helping me spray the cattle for flies. (Couldn't get any of the cows to take our picture doing those things)

The ritual of the week was swimming, swimming and more swimming. Through out the week Grace further increased her chance for getting into medical school by perfecting her back-floating technique and big-splashing cannonball jump.


A is for Angela said...

Hey, Brother-in-Law Boog!!
Cool'd you get that cool font for your main page? I haven't learned all those cool things yet. Love seeing Grace. Make sure you do a better job of updating your blog than my sister does!


BrotherBoog said...

Ang Commented : "how'd you get that cool font for your main page?"


That's just a font that I picked up and added to a jpeg in my windows digital software, then added the picture for my title. Thanks for checking it out and telling me about it in the first place!