Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here & Now...

I've always believed God put me right here, right now...for a purpose. Basically, Here and Now is a good thing. Here and now is what we should be living in a little more sometimes. We really wanted a Hill Country Vacation this week, but here and now dictated a high river and forcast thunderstorms which actuallly came to pass. So instead here and now brought us a fantastico trip to Tyler's Discovery Place with Grace, Ella & Sterling.

These characters are shining examples of why here and now can be so sweet. We found that these guys are galactically talented in all higher thinking realms, including, but not limited to; Space matters, earthquakes, news broadcasting, golfball inertia and velocity studies, shopping at Brookshires, riding in ambulances and driving fire trucks, climbing in bat caves and even navigating ships. These intrepid explorers even weathered a power outage without ever breaking a stride. No step for a stepper I guess.

However, even the most seasoned adventurers and intellectuals need to crash sometime.

Thank God for the Here & Now.

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