Sunday, June 24, 2007

Isn't Summer the Best...

Birthday Parties, Playing in the Yard, Hanging out with Cousins, Eating Watermelon, Committing to the Ministry....All in a days work during the dog days of summer.

Flo & I were co-conspirators for a surprise 32nd birthday party for my favorite sister-n-law on saturday and ate at a very recommendable italian joint in Waco by the name of Gratziano's. Good italian food, Good fun and Great conversation went well with the Chocolate Sack (indescribable!).

Grace & Ella showed off some pretty admirable play-set moves and gave us a laugh and the squirls and nice view of their good sides.

Grace, Ella & Sterling showed that there are some skills that are of utmost importance for summer survival that just can't be taught in school,

And all my East Texas nieces showed that living close to home is good for fun and tans. (I'm a pretty lucky guy to be surrounded by so many pretty girls)

And finally, over the humorous "I'm not ready" pleadings of my wonderful wife, Flo & I made my committment to a life of ministry a public confession tonight at church. **She claimed the main reason she wasn't ready was because she had on flip flops**

Hopefully before the week is over we'll have some six flags pics...we'll see. Wishing everyone a very merry summer!

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