Monday, July 2, 2007

Life aint easy but its necessary...

I tell you what life is intentional. That daydream of life just coming at you easy breezy is a whimsically tall tale that should have never been spawned because of it's utter fallacy. However, life is fun. Especially this time of the year. And even though sometimes getting everybody and everything together on the same page to have that fun can be hard work...its well worth it, and then some. I love my family (blood, in-law, friends, etc.) and there's nothing I enjoy more than memorable moments with the folks I love. We saw another great spectacle off-shore from the Pinnacle Club on Cedar Creek Lake this year, complete with MiG jets, WWII era war planes, loops, smoke, professional fire works, and righteous ones from the big black clouds. Those times are as unforgettable as riding the lake after dark is soothing. No pics from this outing originated with me or Flo but Neil (Flo's Dad) made some great ones.

In other news: Our home we've enjoyed here in Athens is for sale now and we're looking toward the lake ourselves for our next stop. It's starting to look like my first ministerial position could be at my home church here in Malakoff and I couldn't be more excited and scared at one time except maybe when Grace was born. All this stuff is fun, but none of it happens by accident, and I cringe to think how much life I've missed because I didn't get out and live on purpose.

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