Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2: Birmingham, AL to Camp Day 1

Well, where do I begin?
What would camp be if you didn't have the stories that while promised to be short, start with, "when I was born"?
Everything got started on time and target today. We took a McDonalds by storm before heading up the long and winding road that led us straight to Covenant College and our 1st day of Camp. We got oriented, settled into our 5star rooms, grabbed some gourmet dinner and watched as a thunderstorm rolled in from 3 states over. It came in first from far away, then below us, then over, through and on us. This big rain kept me from taking too many live action photos today but I'll try to make it up to you! Covenant College & Lookout Mtn. are just completely breathtaking and are proof positive of our magnificent Creator. Huge Views and lots of walking up hills is the order of the day here.
Worship is being led by Chris Orr and our camp pastor is Adam Robinson. I have to say that both those guys are doing an awesome job and are speaking right to our kids and right through every barrier they try to throw up. I'd also be remiss if I didn't say that God is impacted us old folks as well. We can totally feel Him ripping through our own weaknesses and hesitations to call us into a life of abandon for Him in front of our students. Our bible study and church group times tonight were a great start to a week of growing closer friendships between students, and more worship to the God that made us. Please pray for honesty between us and God and each other, and a passion for whatever God has our hand to at the time. For me specifically, please pray that I'll be there in love for your students and that I'll always be acting totally reliant upon God's power, not mine.
*****Definetly check out the link I've provided on the blog to camp. On day 1 you will find a picture of some of our crew and a way to email your camper, as well as loads of info on the general goings on at camp. Please, Please, Please email a (or lots of em) camper if you get a chance********
And right now Molly & I are just thankful that our group actually knows why they're here and what building they're in and are not completely oblivious and know that I don't work here.....

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Elizabeth said...

Yeah Boog that was NOT funny about promised to keep a story short, began with When i was born! Ya'll are real commedians! But this was a fun trip.. thank you very much for taking us and giving us this experience.

With Love