Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'M RUINED!!!....

I'll never be allowed to work in bloggerville again! I've waited a full two weeks to update my blog. I'm sure I'll be taken out in the street by some heavies and beaten within an inch of my life with a wet sock.

I apologize; For both the poor attempt at humor, and the delay.

Here's the scoop:
I'm the new "Interim" Student Pastor at FBC Malakoff, Tx as of last Monday. It's been a whirlwind week of preparing to leave for camp in Georgia next Tuesday, cutting all my real estate ties, putting our home up for sale, figuring out exactly what I'm supposed to do at this new position, and preparing for my first sermon this Sun. evening.....But its been awesome!

Flo, Grace, My Family, Friends & the church have all been very supportive & as enthusiastic about this as me, and for that I'm very thankful. After just a short time at this vocation, its becoming abundantly clear to me that this is what I was put here for...and that's a great thing. Next post will probably be post-Lookout Mtn. Georgia, StudentLife Camp, so be praying for me and all the middle school guys and girls I'll be hazing & worshiping with over the next week.
Here's some misc. hi-lites:
Flo & Grace are still relishing their days of summer:
Grace has let us know that she wants to grow up to be a boy or a colorful butterfly.
Flo has decided she is definetly not "preacher's wife" material because she wears flip-flops.
My cousin Sterling will be around for a while, which is a good (but also challenging) thing.
Mom and Dad have decided life is pretty good in Tapatio Springs and would like to buy me a pastors retreat there...not really, but the did have a good trip there.
I'll be pursuing my Masters of Divinity at Criswell College in the Fall.
Anybody that's up for it should call me about training with me for the Bandera Trail Run in January, as I've decided to fling myself into that meat grinder again & anybody that hasn't stayed at 7F lodge in wellborn, tx should (Flo & I recently had a nice visit to Mexico there).
Please keep John & Alicia (friends from church) in your thoughts and prayers as they're in China right now.

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