Thursday, May 1, 2008

3M-AHS Track, 20 Min. CoreStrength @ Cain Center

In Joshua 13:14&33, God' divvying the Holy Land up to His children and the author mentions that the Levites (Temple Servants/Priests) would inherit the offerings they present to the Lord and actually trust in the Lord as their inheritance...boy did they get took or what, I mean, God really saw them coming...All these other folks get big fat chunks of land and towns and rivers and farms and all these faithful servants get promised is "The Lord as their Inheritance"...well, I guess it's the thought that counts...

Seriously, why do i feel that i need so much "more" or should i say "in addition to" The Lord and what He gives me to glorify Him with...when I'm "without" everything but Him, even in the deepest darkest valleys, why do i feel like i'm ...settling?

God is Good all the time, and one way I'm really blessed is that I get to eat breakfast (my favorite meal) with my wonderful daughter (my favorite little girl...sorry nieces, but you're all really really close seconds, only to grace of course)'s how we normally go about this (see overkill picture).

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