Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fair-Weather Blogger Am I...

I guess I am what I am: Mr. Only Blog When I Have Ample Free Time (Which is Never) Guy. Sorry. Lately its been crazy, but now the dust has cleared and I'm gonna share what I can.

Running & Running Reports were briefly interrupted when I had the honor of hosting Phil Robertson, AKA "The Duck Commander" at our church recently for an event. Planning and pulling that one off was a doozy, but still managed to steal a quick pic, see God move in awesome ways, hang with the Fam and run a little.

Running May 13 - 19: 2.5 Miles on Road (20min)...yep thats it.

May 19 - 25 Summary:

  • Mon. 4Miles - AHS, w/ 2mi buildup
  • Tue. AM - 2.5Miles on Road, Strength Training (ST) @ Cain Center PM - 8Miles, Tyler State Park (BCD)
  • Wed. - 0
  • Thur. - 0
  • Fri. - 2Miles with Boo (Running Puppy in Training)
  • Sat. - 10 Miles Tyler State Park Loops w/ Daymon & Jason
  • Sun. - 2.5 Miles with Boo
  • Total For Week: 29 Miles

Also, after running Tyler Saturday, I realized that I needed to publish "Boog's Short List of Good Aggieland Eats" so here it is:

  • Dixie Chicken: Go during the day (not GameDay) and get the best burger in the world with "tijuana fries" which are french fries with a couple of cheeses melted over them served with ranch.
  • Free Birds: Monster Burrito...nuf said
  • Cafe Excel: The Go-To Date Place
  • Juneks BBQ (Wellborn, Tx): Grab your pork bbq sandwich to go and grab some chips and a drink at the gas station, then go to the community center about a block back that consists of a tin roof over a slab with picnic tables sitting next to a small cemetary...picturesquely texan.
  • Mi Cocina (original on Hwy 21 close to Producers COOP in Bryan): if you really unlucky you'll have to sit under my big picture on the wall next to my favorite table. order the Beef Fajita Enchiladas...muy bueno.
  • Los Nortenos: Especially if you go by Mi Cocina and they're siesta-ing. Nortenos is different and is on Main St. in Bryan...different but big portions and very good - old school.
  • Laynes Chicken...awesome sauce with a bite and "tub o' butter texas toast" - Simple and Good.
  • Wings & More: Lots and Lots of Great Fried and BBQ'd food. (try mixing your honey mustard and gravey together for your strips...yummy)

Let me know how it goes if you go...

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