Saturday, May 10, 2008

BC Loops at Tyler SP w/ Daymon, Ryan, Ethan & Devin - Good Run

Today's been a good day...celebrated Mother's Day with all our clan out at my folks place, which always seems like a mini-vacation. Ran alot, ate alot, played alot, washed alot of subarus, jumped alot, laughed alot, hugged alot...started it all at 5am with Philippians 2 & honey bunches of oats...

Also found out that a recovery "menu" i read about in an article works pretty good.

Body Wt. in lbs x carb grams (185lbs = 185g of carbs)
25% of that in protein.
All w/in first 2 hours after run (half of it in first 30 min) add in a good hot shower, ton's of water and gatorade and a good stretchin session...I was recovered enough to play "put-out" with the soccer-ball with my nephew Tate like I was a fifth grader again...I'd say it worked pretty good.

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