Friday, May 9, 2008

4.5Mi w/3Mi Tempo (6:44 pace)

Hephzibah....I know sounds funny, but in Isaiah 63 it refers to God's elect "bride" Jerusalem/Zion and it means 'My Delight Is In Her'. Well, I don't know if anybody else lives with a bunch of women, but....I can relate to that statement. I got to hang with my munchkin today and we were able to drop off some stuff to her Mom and kind of make her day as well. Grace and I spent the day tending the yard/etc. getting a bur haircut (that was me, not Grace) and jumping on the trampoline and jumping and jumping and jumping.

Hitting Tyler S.P. Tomorrow with a bunch of guys I've been trying to get to go for a long time...I have alot of running to do as I'm setting my sights on the Bandera Trail Run again, only this time I'm aiming for the 50K (31miles).
To prepare for that good-bull ol'army fun, I'm planning on running the Long Beach Intl. City Marathon with my buddy Jared "New Daddy" Ledbetter.
And also going to finish preparing by running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas with my fellow insane in the membrane youth type guy Jason Hoffman.
All prayer is appreciated...this may sound selfish or extreme or something...both of which, I guess it could be...but if you know know I'm me when I'm running...when I run, I study, when I run, I pray, when I run, I get up early and give it all to Him and as a result I think I'm alot easier to be the great theologian Popeye the Sailor once said, "I yam what I yam"

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