Saturday, June 7, 2008

All good things...

Well, we're home and to my complete surprise the world hasn't stopped spinning without us. Its good to be home, but kinda miss the salty sea breeze smell already. Good times were had by all. Thursday was still a completely relaxing day, not one of those "last day of vacation" days vexed by pre-departure stressing and over preparing.

Thanks Beelers for being such awesome "in-laws" and for inviting us to tag along in life! Thanks Watercolor neighbors for not getting us thrown out when our little girls were showering on the front porch with nothing on but tearless shampoo, stumbling about the scattered swimsuits, beach towels and discarded pasta.

Thanks God for putting your power on display through growing love between me & mine, and growing an ocean with beauty almost as limitless as your great passion for the peeps that peer at it. Thanks Grace Ryan for making this one of the best vacations daddy's ever been on by your fearless - boogie boarding- "we-can-do-it" attitude!

Thanks Flo for being mine in all weathers, even picturesquely perfect ones like we had this week.
Oh yeah, ended week with 14mile cruise on bike to running store for running hat souvenir that didn't exist & back.

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