Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What it's all about...

These Arms of Miiiiinnne...(favorite song reference) they are, well, blessed, lucky, fortunate and all of the above. I get to hold those two girls on a daily basis! We don't fight, kick, scream, bite and we don't really get tired of seeing one another, especially on trips like this. We enjoy doing alot of the same things in pretty much the same pace, although, sometime in various methods which is cool'n the gang too, because the last thing I (or the world for that matter) needs is a carbon copy of me. Besides the great cruizin' we did this morning, checking out the Seaside & Grayton Beach hideouts and crannys (ok we were really looking for a gas station:) and juice stands, and besides the father/daughter trail ride we had and despite the bombastic fireworks show we got to watch from our upstairs screened in porch right before bedtime...besides all that, The Munchkin can flat-out boogie board!

...and that poses all kinds of feelings and emotions, premature nostalgia, etc. Here she is the little bitty ol' thing, barely able to stay upright in waves crashing around my knees and you turn her loose out in the big bad ocean, with waves and sharks and jellyfish and the chance to drown and all kinds of unimaginables, but you turn her out, not because you "have" to or because you necessarily want her gone...its just time. You've showed her how to do it by prescription and example, you've equipped her, you've held her close and helped form her decision-making to know when the right time to jump in is, and sure enough, here comes a big scary wave and she piles on in, guns a'blazin....and of course, she nails it. (but that doesn't keep you from watching her pretty close when she's not looking, just in case she might need her daddy).

Finally; Tentin' aint easy but its necessary...well maybe more like a luxury, a luxury we don't even use that much, but I will say this. A rain fly for a Eureka Outfitter Series 4-man tent carries the burden of providing shade on a windy beach for a family of 8 without breaking a sweat, especially when you throw in the REI "sandbags" that you can use to anchor the sides.

Anyway - todays training was late and fun. Evening Run of about 6 miles on the super duper trails they have here...good run. Good Day.

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Rhodes party of 3 said...

That was inspiring Boog. It got me to thinking about how important spending time with family is. No matter what the check book, or our schedule says, there shoudn't be anything that stands in the way of making our family smile. Just a little bit of what I learned ( you probably know this) but as leaders of our family and of leaders in the Church, Gods judgement is much harsher on us. It holds us more accountable to do the right things. It's like Moses who was so amazingly faithful decided to hit the rock with the stick instead of speaking to it as God had asked him to. Here is a guy who changed Gods heart twice with prayer and was not allowed entrance into the promised land for what may seem a small lack of judgement. Gods leaders are held to a higher level. Take care brother and enjoy your time.
Teammates in Christ