Thursday, June 5, 2008

Date Night...

5.5Miles with Cody & Neil Trailing on Cruizers...good run until we went through a shadeless patch and it totally zapped me. Had to take a couple of minutes off and then after some cool shade rehab, finished the thing off without my escorts...good final long run for the week.

Good thing it was the final long run because wed. was mine and Flo's "date night" and we chose to ride the bikes over to the Bait House ("where shrimps are served head on") here on the resort and of course I had to get their version of "everything under the sun fried on a plate" which doesn't mix well with running the morning after.
It was refreshing to eat out with my sweetheart and of course the food, atmosphere & conversation was we capped it all off with a boardwalk stroll to the beach and moonlit bike ride back to la casa...probably sounds more boring in print, but it was memorable night.

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Flo said...

I had a great time and *great conversation*! Still amazes me that we even like each other as much as we're around each other! you - Flo